Wags & Bags Cornhole Tournament Registration

There are 2 divisions this year - Pro and Social

We are extremetly excited to have KB Cornhole Games on hand to make sure things run smoothly.

Pro Division entry fee is $80 and will have a cash prize based on total number of pro entries. We will put $30 for every Pro entry in the prize pool and then do a 75/25 split for the top two entries.

Social Division entry fee is $50 and will have some sweet, non-cash prizes befitting the Wags & Bags Festival.

The limitations of PayPal require us to be creative in how the registration form is completed. Once you choose your division, you will need to enter a team name and an email where we will contact you about the tournament. In the second box, we need the names of both the players. Filling out the form with this information will allow us to make sure the tournament runs smoothly(and we don't have to bug you with questions). Thanks for your cooperation.

Wags & Bags Cornhole Registration
Team Name/Email
Player 1/Player 2

$5 entry fee does not apply to players.

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